Welcome to the remembrance

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Embrace the Presence 

from within

As a contemporary medicine woman of Feminine wisdom, Shamanic doula and Dakini of sacred Temple Arts, Vera Anja is in service for Self-realisation. In a ceremonial space she is present for transformation, celebration and potential of universal wisdom in vibration of planetary commUnity to deepen and thrive in our Heart-Presence on Mother Earth.

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It is a deep honour to witness the unfolding of your magical gifts and intuitive talents into the power of being alive. In this time of awakening you are supported to feel profoundly connected, deeply inspired, more juicy and full of vitality. The space is held for the process of breaking through boundaries and limiting beliefs to thrive into the fullest expression of your being.


Sound Medicine

Opening the voice is a deep transformation of reclaiming the authentic Self-expression. In a sacred space Sound Medicine  invites to dance with Life-force and to restore the power from within by uplifting the collective vibration. In oneness with silence and sound, music expands the awareness.


Womb wisdom

When we are reconnected to our Feminine intuition, the womb is a restored place full potential to awaken a woman’s unique gifts of creativity and manifestation. The balance of our internal energies creates a fertile ground for the rebirth of a woman - whole, present and aligned with her heart-mission.


Circle ceremonies

Together we have the chance to dream as one, and bring a whole Earth into reality, that will serve all future generations. In the heart-connected circle, we gather to express our unique essence, to share deep feelings and support new possibilities as one tribe. 


The deeper we look inside ourselves, the brighter shines the source of creation through the portal of our heart.
— Vera Anja
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