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welcome to the remembrance

It is an honour and a blessing to support your growth, expansion and thrive in life

to the fullest capacities in embodied lightness and new possibilities

as your transformational life-coach, personal self-love mentor and intimacy facilitator.

Would you like to blossom
in the fullest potential of life?
— Vera Anja
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transformational life coach Vera Anja

Is Consciousness, Love & Freedom a compass for you to follow the guidance of your inner intuition?

Do you wish to discover the essence & depth of your being in full embrace of all aspects to see through the dark?

And are you ready to expand your mind & live from your heart in the sacred union with all living being?

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weaving sacred paths

As a wisdom keeper of the feminine mysteries, contemporary medicine woman and holistic embodiment guide - Vera Anja has a background of studies in healing arts and ancient traditions from modalities all around the world. Creating sacred spaces that calls us to gather to celebrate, elevate and lift each other up are Vera’s heart-joy with the pillars 1:1 sessions, seminars and worldwide retreats.

transformational life coach

It is a deep honour to witness the unfolding of your magical gifts and intuitive talents into the power of being alive. In this time of awakening you are supported to feel profoundly connected, deeply inspired, more juicy and full of vitality. The space is held for the process of breaking through boundaries and limiting beliefs to thrive into the fullest expression of your being.



Transforming limiting beliefs, shifting patterns from the core and transcending conditions to fully embody the lightness of life in a connected expension to All there Is. You are invited in a save and sacred space to reclaim your authentic Self-expression to restore the aliveness from within. The pillars of the transformational coaching and self-love mentoring are ThetaHealing, voice immersion and intimacy councel. It is an honour and blessing to be in service for your growth and thrive in life.



When we are reconnected to our natural intuition, we restore our life full potential to awaken unique gifts, mind-blowing talents and practical tools. The balance of our internal energies creates a fertile ground - whole, present and aligned with the heart-mission to step into full rememberance. The combination of profound knowledge that is fully embodied in concrete experiences open a vast field of wisdom. In the seminars you receive important tools and skills for being fully empowered to inspire with your presence and shine the light full abundance from within.



Together we have the chance to dream as one, and bring a whole Earth into reality, that will serve all future generations. In the heart-connected retreats, we gather to express in honesty, share deep feelings and support new possibilities as one tribe. On powerful places we dive deep into the exploration of who we are through many impulses such as music, dance, breath, meditation, nature and much more. Come and join us this year in the Sacred Valley in Peru. 

The deeper we look inside ourselves, the brighter shines the source of creation through the portal of our heart.
— Vera Anja
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Heart sharings


Rebecca Llewellyn - Canada

Vera has the energetic touch of an angel. She supports you through the movement that needs shifting within, and you feel held the entire time. Vera's light is healing on top of the work she brings to each session - my words cannot do justice the support and service that Vera brings as a light worker. I highly recommend to start your journey with Vera Anja.


Anna Carneira Rocha - Brazil

Vera Anja is a sensitive and loving woman that has the ability to guide us gently in the healing process that we need. I have no enough words to thank her for all the amazing changes I've received after having sessions with her.

She is truly a gift in this world!


Angelica Cynthia Gordon - Peru

Vera is a pure channel of unconditional love through her very presence, words, touch, instruments, and incredibly pure, beautiful singing voice. Her massage work is among the best I have received, every moment was perfectly intuitively connected to exactly what my body and spirit needed, and she is clearly highly skilled and trained. If you have the opportunity to work with Vera Anja in any of her offerings, follow the call you feel!