Open your voice & feel it all
— Vera Anja


Sound-Medicine is an empowerment tool for embodied self-expression in deep authenticity. Through opening the voice and awakening the body, mind and soul, Sound-Medicine reconnects to our intuitive nature. The liberation of the voice is a journey, where we discover new aspects of vibration, rhythms and sounds. With multicultural instruments from around the world, mystical story-tales and sacred songs, we are playing in the present moment, guided by the deep wisdom within to heal, connect and travel through dimensions.



New CD available

In the beautiful community called "Terra Viva" in Chapada Diamantina, Brasil we recorded the channeled heart-opening medicine songs. Thank you Boka Tummtokate and Gustavo Filograsso for your gifts, present and support :) Feel free to listen & download SOUND OF LIGHT



Bear in mind...


Vera Anja & Artemi

multi-instrumental singer/songwriter folk


Butterfly beings on a Sound-journey

From the state of stillness, we let flow the melodies, rhythms and tones in the Now for the moment. The audience is welcome to join the meditation and dive into the dance of sounds: BUTTERFLY BEINGS

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Open your voice

Find your Soulvoice and share your authentic expression. In the nature, we reconnect to the flow of sound & silent with with many tools, methods and experiences - so that you are fully supported in opening your voice. If you have a drum or another instrument, we explore together your unique voice and let go limitations.


We are holding space for sacred circles to sing and chant for the planetary waters in the world. By increasing the vibration, the crystals of the water are carrying the healing information. Close to lakes, waterfalls and rivers, we share a great collection of ancient songs and water invocations from different cultures.

"Uchu no mugen no chikara ga kori kotte, makoto no daiwa no miyo ga, nari natta."









"The sound of Light illuminates the portal of life." by Crystalinas