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with a 1:1 guidance YOU...

...overcome resistance to develop your capacity to love and be loved

...find your voice, clarity and authentic self-expression

...transform relationship and intimacy issues

...learn how to relax to thrive in ease and flow of life

...unleash the wisdom and intuition held in the body

...reclaim your wilderness to let go of limiting beliefs

...create practices that support your personal growth

...explore your erotic potential and interconnection of sacred sexuality

...shift from a mind-focused reality into a deeper connection being alive

- embody your emotional, spiritual and sexual development



Are you ready to transform limitations and transcent patterns to experience your life in the best and highest possibilities?

ThetaHealing® is a quantum faith modality and a spiritual philosophy. Through the transformative technique the intuitive abilities are activated for life-changing shifts in the physical, emotional and mental level by the art of witnessing.  


In deep meditation, before sleeping and after waking up, the brain frequencies are at 4-7 Hz, which creates the thin line between subconscious and conscious mind.

Would you like to expand your awareness and manifest the deepest desires of your heart?

It is an honour & a blessing to be 100% present for you to blossom and thrive in your fullest potential on the Sacred Path.

  • Free introduction meeting (20min)

  • 1 Session 1h 150 sFr.

  • Package 6 session in three months for a special price

Vera Anja

Voice training

Unfold the magic of your voice to be fully alive in authentic Self-expression.

You are invited in connection with all the elements to discover the magnificence and colourful spectrum of your unique sounds.


Playful and curious are we unvealing the quality of the voice and applying important techniques in combination with the drum, singing bowls or string-instruments.


Let us bring the medicine of music into your life to enjoy the dance of sound and silence. From Shamanic singing, over-tone until jazz improvisation - everything is possible.

  • Free sharing about wishes & needs (20min)

  • 1h sessions preferably in nature 111 sFr.


Holistic massage

& intuitive bodywork

Nourishing and sacred touch is cultivating your health as well as increases the level of relaxation. Receive a holistic care for your well-being through the combination of various techniques optimized by your wishes.


LomiLomi Karuna Hawaiian Massage

LomiLomi involves rhythmic, flowing massage strokes with high-quality oil to clear blockages in the circulation of energy through the body. A typical LomiLomi session begins with a prayer, involves dance movements and focused breathing. Learnt, studied and practised on Maui and Kuaui since 2017.


Thai Yoga Massage

The holistic healing art is a combination of passive yoga asanas, acupressure, reflexology, muscle compression, joint mobilization anf intuitive movements to meet your unique needs. Thai massage is performed while you are fully clothed, usually on a padded mat on the floor. Supported with high-vibrational sound of singing-bowls and the voice.


Deep tissue cacao ceremony

The heart-opening massage starts with the medicine of cacao. With the nourishing cacao-butter , the whole body softens and opens up. Deep tissue layers are moved and relaxing strokes invite to fully let go. The focus is on the layers of muscle tissues, tendons and fascia.