Transformative retreats

On a journey to create your life, exactly the way you always wanted to experience it, Vera Anja’s heart approach is to fully support you to thrive in all levels and aspects of love.


Creating sacred spaces that calls us to gather to celebrate, elevate and lift each other up are Vera’s heart joy with worldwide retreats. Authenticity and loving presence are the main tools to support you to reclaim your freedom and to live a fully embodied life.


What are positive impacts?

- live from a place of flow, being at ease in synchronicity

- become comfortable in expressing yourself emotionally

- being genuinely self-confident with a sense of integrity

- living from an attitude and experience of thriving

- experience yourself as a sensual being fully connected

- shift to a different level private and professional

- receiving clarity and guidance from the inner compass

- breaking patterns and inviting positive changes

- feeling alive in celebration of every breath

Spread your magnificent wings and fly in the embodied lightness of life.
— Vera Anja