Morena Cardoso - Brasil

“Vera Anja is a medicine woman who inspires us to live a creative and authentic life. She has an unique way of leading us towards our magical essence; inspiring art, beauty and love. She is very sensitive and empathic while working in groups, being able to hold the sacred space and be an energetical anchor that allows women to dive deeper into their processes with potencial trust.”

selina quinn.jpg

Selina Quinn - Peru

“Vera is a ray of sunshine to know, work with and be around. We had the pleasure of having her join us to facilitate at 'El Camino Sagrado' & she added to the overall energy of the group tremendously. Her angelic voice, confident presence & determined nature, demonstrate her embodiment of the divine feminine. This she radiates & shares with all she encounters. It was a pleasure to have her as part of our team to share her gifts with us.”



Naomi Hard - America

“Vera Anja is full of angelic feminine energy and she freely gives this gift to everyone around her with her very presence. She recognized that I had energetic blocks to my own sacred feminine energy and created a healing ceremony for my womb. Channeling medicine song is one of her gifts - she has a beautiful voice that offers in service of medicine and healing. For the first time in my life I feel safe being in and expressing my sacred feminine power and energy.”



Ross Skeate


- South Africa/Costa Rica

"Vera Anja is truly a special being with a deep connection to Truth and the Ultimate Recognition of The Absolute, a being of pure light and love that I am lucky to have met in this life.

Later having the time to get to know each other has truly been blessed and I hold only gratitude that a Being as aligned and True as she is, is another luminous member of our beautiful cosmic family."