Magic unfolds, when women gather together
— Vera Anja
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Redmoon Daughters Tribe

It is time now to rise again and embody our fullest potential as the creators of reality in connection to the core of our essence, so we can be in service to the unique, intuitive and sensual expression of life through us. The liberation of the Feminine Essence is the connection to the souls deepest dreams and intentions, overcoming fears and discovering the true nature of being a woman. We reclaim the wild and sacred essence of who we are: So we reactivate the deep trust of our intuition and reconnect to our unique gifts with authentic feelings – remembering the ancestral wisdom as birth keepers, priestesses and visionaries.


Would you like to receive support in your personal path as a woman?

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Menstrual cycle awareness

rituals * herbal treatments * medicine wheel

It is prophesied that
when all women are giving their blood back to the Earth in a sacred way, all the men will come home from war & there will be peace on Earth again.
— Hopi Nation


Yoni-egg-practise for womb illumination

High-quality crystal eggs have been blessed and charged to illuminate your womb & self-love practise. You are welcome to join a woman circle, where the tao tantric introduction is shared and in a save place used to increase your well-being, balancing of the emotions & hormones, as well as connection in a sacred sisterhood. If you choose to restore your power from within, then you can order a crystal Yoni-egg in medium (45sFr.) and big size (55sFr.).

  • Rosequarz (self-love, nourishment, soft & tenter rejuvenating effects) from Brazil
  • Jade (harmony, balance, clarity, opening) from China
  • Obsidian (shadow-work, trauma-healing, ancestral pattern release) from Mexico

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Woman wisdom circles

A reunion of women is a chance of co-creation, collective knowledge and creative inspiration. In the save space we are finding nourishment by sharing our unique vibration and personal expression of beauty.

Womb-blessings * Menstrual mystics * Medicine wheel wisdom * Sacred and sensual movement * Yoni-Temple-Illumination with crystals-eggs, herbal steaming & sacred touch

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Shamanic Doula

The illumination of womb, heart and vagina, empowers the deep connection to the menstrual and lunar cycle. By preparing the body, mind and spirit for a natural pregnancy, the intention is set for a deep transformation in the journey of life.

radiant womb fertility * conscious conception * hormonal and emotional balance * reproductive health * deeper connection to intuition * self-love & nourishment * herbal treatment

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Rite of passage Rituals


in the Red Tent

The celebration of the different stages and states in the life of a woman is deeply nourishing and empowering for the unfolding of the unique gifts.

Menarche: First blood celebration for our daughters * conscious sexuality sharings for teenagers * Conception ritual * natural birth * mother & baby blessings * closing ceremony

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rise sister rise