A circle to be - as one unity in diversity
— Vera Anja

WoMan Circles


The association supports and connects people with the vision of an empowering co-operation between men and women. Facilitators of personal growth, conscious feeling work and transition activists are coming together.

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Mama Cacao Ceremonies

Heart medicine

“Cacao is the bridge between heart and mind.”

The universal medicine of Cacao unites people in a golden circle of love. The raw organic treasure of the Maya traditions plants seeds of visions into the heart´s desires. “Ka´kau” the Mayan word means: to drink chocolate together, and is an invitation to reconnect to the Earth. The effect of Mama Cacao could be described as a spontaneous explosion of excitement opening the heart, a profound rush of happiness uplifts the spirit and a flood of life-force-energy grounds the body. The spirit of this master-plant guides the ceremony each time, in an expansion of consciousness and pure love for all those in the present commUnity

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In the heart-connected circle, we come together to share deep feelings, express our unique essence, and support new possibilities as one tribe. Some of the the tools to explore deeper layers of ourselves are: Meditation, rituals, sound-medicine, creative art expression, movement, psychosomatic bodywork, opening senses by sacred touch and heart-sharing. 

We reclaim our sensual expression in a save and held space. The primal instincts expand the box and invite to go beyond what is right and wrong.By offering a transformative, expanding and purposeful opportunity to restore your power from within, you are invited to access the source of creation through the portal of the heart.